Animal Spotter?

Every year hundreds of animals and humans are injured when an animal tries to cross the road. Animals don't know better, but we can use technology to help us keep an eye on them. The application creates an environment where humans can share the locations of animals that they encounter, and can be warned about the animals that others have seen when they approach.

The app helps you easily navigate to you destination, but along the way you can let others know when you see an animal, and also be alerted when you enter an area where an animal has been spotted recently.

The App

The app is available for Windows Phone, you can see it in action here. You can also see the current sightings in the map below.


How can Governments use the data?

You local government can request access to the animal sighting data through the Esri Operations Dashboard. Governments can use the data to look at where animals are spotted, and can take action to help prevent accidents in the future. In addition, we plan to provide integration into your government's dispatch system so that when injured or dangerous animals are spotted they can be handled appropriatly.


About Us

Animal Spotter was created by Christopher Moravec, Mara Stoica and Ryan Colburn as part of the Inagural Hackathon at the 2013 Esri Developer Summit.

We all firmly belive that animals need to be protected, and need our help to stay safe in our world, after all we are the ones with the cell phones!

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